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Local Professionals Committed to Excellence
Serving All of Santa Cruz County
As Well As Los Gatos & Aptos
Serving All of Santa Cruz County
As Well As Los Gatos & Aptos

Skilled Installation & Service for Your Solar Panels in Santa Cruz

solar panel
A quality solar panel installation for Santa Cruz homes or businesses offers plenty of benefits: reduced utility bills, decreased environmental footprint and limited reliance on more expensive power supplies. Alpha Omega Electric technicians install and adapt these systems to meet your electrical requirements, either connecting you to the electric distribution system (a grid-connected option) or setting up a stand-alone, off-the-grid system.

Electrical Systems Powered by Sunshine

How do the panels work? The sunlight that hits your Aptos home every day is made of photons. Solar cells convert those photons into a direct current (DC) of electricity. That current is sent through an inverter that transforms the DC power into AC, or alternating current. This is the type of electricity you are accustomed to using throughout your home.

Living Off the Grid

With appropriate care and solar panel maintenance, you can take your energy habits into your own hands. Living off the grid in Los Gatos has become a mainstream answer to the rising costs of utility power. Replace your reliance on the utility service by manufacturing your own power. On sunny days, your system may produce more electricity than you need, so that additional energy can be credited back to your account.

Tax Credits

Laws have been put into place on both state and federal levels to offer credits toward the purchase price of a sun-based energy system. The credits are available for businesses and residences. As you consider an installation, keep these incentives in mind. You may want to act fast because some of the programs have a time limit.

Create Your Own Electricity in Los Gatos, Aptos & Surrounding Areas

For the installation, repairs and replacement of parts on your solar system, work with Alpha Omega Electric. We offer our services to the communities of Santa Cruz, Los Gatos and Aptos. Do you need breaker box replacements? Call by phone at 831-566-0612.

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