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Local Professionals Committed to Excellence
Serving All of Santa Cruz County
As Well As Los Gatos & Aptos
Serving All of Santa Cruz County
As Well As Los Gatos & Aptos

Five Reasons to Hire an Electrician

The electrical service in your home or business is nothing to mess around with. The electrical system is a complex part of your home that is very dangerous. When you need repairs and service, it’s important to call a professional electrician for installation. Here are five reasons you should call us when you need a professional: 
  1. Our electricians are licensed, state certified, and insured. They’re highly trained and experienced, and if you ever need to show that your home is up to code, you’ll have the paperwork you need to back up the work that was performed.
  2. You’ll know the home rewiring that was done meets all quality standards.
  3. Hiring professionals for home wiring reduces the risk of damage done by the uninformed.
  4. It’s safer for you and your family, and you won’t be worried about electrical failure down the road. It’s all too easy to get in over your head when you’re working with the electrical system.
  5. We have the right tools and equipment to ensure that the work is performed well.
If you’re simply looking to install new outlets, more lighting or upgrade your wiring for new technology, it’s important to use a professional technician. We also upgrade your electrical system by offering these services:
  • Meter socket installation
  • Ground fault circuits
  • Fuse box upgrade
  • Service panel upgrade
  • Electric baseboard heater
  • Pool, hot tub or spa wiring

Serving All of Santa Cruz

Call our office at 831-566-0612 to get wiring service in Santa Cruz, Aptos and Los Gatos. We save you time, money and stress by installing the wiring in your home or business to let you upgrade to the electrical service that fits your needs. Call us for residential and commercial service and let us give you a quote.

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