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Local Professionals Committed to Excellence
Serving All of Santa Cruz County
As Well As Los Gatos & Aptos
Serving All of Santa Cruz County
As Well As Los Gatos & Aptos

Replacements Provide Increased Breaker Box Safety in Santa Cruz

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The talented professionals at Alpha Omega Electric are qualified in the many aspects of breaker box replacement. We specialize in all areas of electrical panel replacement, repair and upgrades. Over our years of operation, we have worked on hundreds of residential and commercial boxes. We provide Santa Cruz home and business owners with fast and reliable installations. The work that goes into a complete change and installation includes making improvements in the grounding and bonding system that already exists, reducing the risk of electrical shocks. You’ll also notice improvements in the circuit breaker response time. Our services include replacing the load side service entrance cable, especially when the fiberglass outer jacket has been damaged.

Signs That You Need Repairs to Your Electrical Panels

How do you know when you need an update or a complete change? Start by asking yourself a few simple questions: Is your home older than 25 years? Has your system been off the market? Have you experienced any of the following situations in your Los Gatos or Aptos home?
  • Lights that flicker when appliances come on
  • An electric panel that feels hot to the touch
  • Federal Pacific, Zinsco, I-T-E Pushmatic or GTE/Sylvania brand boxes
  • Outdated split-bus panels
  • An old setup with missing components or a rusted bus bar
  • Lack of proper grounding
  • Overloaded breakers

Also Serving the Los Gatos and Aptos Areas

If your system is older than 10 years or if you have noticed any of the signs of danger, then act quickly. The electricians at Alpha Omega Electric want to protect the safety of your home and family, whether you live in Aptos, Los Gatos or Santa Cruz. Call us today at 831-566-0612 and we’ll send an experienced electrical contractor or technician to take a look.

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