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Serving All of Santa Cruz County
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Keep Your Home Safe: How To Avoid Electrical Accidents

avoid electrical accidents
As you clean, arrange and dream about all the modifications you can implement in your house, one of the most critical things you can do is to keep it free of electrical accidents. Here are measures you can apply to ensure you and your family are safe from any electricity-related hazards. 

Never Ignore Smoke and Sparks

If there is too much heat buildup in an outlet, the insulation that surrounds your wire can melt. The result can be exposed wires and an increased risk of an electrical fire. Water leaking on a power outlet can also cause it to spark and can cause a fire if you do not arrest the situation early. Old electrical outlets result in loose connections, which increase the chances of a short circuit and at worst a fire.
Taking shortcuts when fixing electrical problems can cause loose or overloaded connections, which can produce sparks and point to possible hazards in waiting. Smoke can also be a sign of damaged or melting wires and plugs, which you should never take lightly.  If you catch a whiff of burning plastic in any of your electrical outlets, call a professional electrician immediately.

Work With Professional Electricians

Leave electrical work in your home to professionals only. One wrong connection can cause a fire hazard that can destroy property and lives. For example, it just takes one misplaced wire running power to your hot tub to expose yourself to an electrical shock. Also, your insurance company will not cover any damages resulting from amateur electrical work.
You should, therefore, only work with a professional and competent electrician licensed by relevant regulatory agencies in your state. Never modify your wiring, electrical installations or appliances without consulting your electrician.

Replace Worn Cords and Plugs

While a seemingly trivial problem, damaged power cords and plugs can pose a deadly threat to you and your housemates. Inspect your wires and plugs for any sign of damages to fuses, insulation and protective covers. Replace those with excessive wear and tear. Discard any cables and plugs if they start to overheat, give a burning smell, smoke or shock people on contact.

Guard Appliances from Children

A power outlet is dangerous whether it is on or off. The last thing you want is your children sticking fingers, sticks, and spoons into power outlets. Use tamper-resistant receptacles, electrical outlet covers or move your furniture in front of your outlets. Shorten cords that are too long, suspend cords to minimize trip hazards and keep an eye on children at all times.

Conduct an Electrical Audit

Keeping your electrical system in perfect shape should be of top priority. It helps you to arrest small problems before they escalate to major disasters. If you use too many energy-draining appliances at the same time, you can cause an electrical overload which can be a safety concern.
You also must ensure that you are not plugging appliances into outlets designed for gadgets with lower electrical requirements. Ventilation spaces on electric devices such as televisions and microwave ought to operate optimally because they can overheat and cause a fire. Your electrician or electrical auditor will advise you on your home's energy capacity, what you need to fix and other safety measures.
Electricity is a marvelous invention if you use it right. It can, however, pose a severe hazard in your home if you do not continuously reinforce safety measures. It is paramount that you only engage professional electricians every time you have electrical installations or repairs. Contact Alpha Omega Electric for expert advice and services if you are in the Santa Cruz County or its surroundings.


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